Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Mission

This is the mission statement from my old Myspace Blog.  I still think it is Relevant to what i am doing here and now, so i repost it, with my own permission, it IS after all, what still intend to do

1: Encourage and engage in discussion and debate on ALL ideas.  The ability to change ones mind when presented with rational arguments is VITAL both the people, and, more so, the Government.

2: combat fuzzy headed radicals and demagogues on BOTH sides of "the Aisle"  knee jerk environmentalists and affirmative action nuts are just as annoying as Fundie Christians ((i say christians solely cause they are the ones in power in this country))

3: Debunk, Dismiss, and Destroy ANY idea or belief held solely on an emotional level ((at least when it comes to government... religion is, by its very nature emotional and held without proof...even mine))

4: Encourage Solely Rational beliefs and arguments, while instruscting people as best i can how to RECOGNISE both kinds of beliefs, ideas and arguments.

5:strip the power (unfairly gained) from the political partys, special interest groups, corporations and lobbiests and return it WHOLE cloth to where it belongs.  We, The People.

6: Increase the direct power the people hold over the government.  Transparancy, accountability and rationality in government serve to better ALL our lives.

7:Further the "grand Experiment" that is this country, To Wit by attempting to create a "More Perfect" union of personal freedoms with political expediency.  For too long we have been resting on our laurels and pursuing our own greedy, selfish little goals and ignoring the gredual degridaton of our democracy... eventually in every society, there comes time for a change,  usually marked by the period known as "bread and Circusses"  (or in our case, the crazy years)  however we stand on the brink of drastic change, and STILL have the power to enforce that change WITHOUT violence... which could, in and of itself usher in a age of peace...

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