Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jimmy Carter, the BEST ex president, AND the MOST Christ like president (at least in the 20th Century

Carter has been in the news a lot recently, at least his name.  Bill Maher raised him as an idol for Presidents, because he "didnt fire a shot" (not completely true... )  and Mr Carter himself was on "the Daily Show" this week.  I agree with most of the world that  He wasnt a particularly good president, Much like "w" he surrounded himself with like minded 'yes men'

However, AFTER his term as president, he returned to his roots.  He continued to teach bible studies, he CONTINUED to work with  Habitat for Humanity, and he used his name to create "the Carter Center"  This week, on 'The Daily Show" he talked about the Carter centers work in fighting Guinea Worms

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