Friday, April 12, 2013

A Thought on the Economy

This is something that has been Near and dear to my heart for the last ten years or so.  For the last 4 years we have been hearing a lot about the "jobless recovery" and most conservatives have just blamed it on Obama.               ((Now, I am NOT defending him... I didn't vote for him, nor am i a strong supporter.  the BEST i can say is he was better than RoMoney... although i DO have my doubts about McCain, he MIGHT have been better))         But isn't the REAL problem that the 'investors" haven't been investing?  the "job creators" haven't been creating jobs??   SURE, Obama talked a good game, and I will admit, i kinda bought into it.  Frankly, i thought he had talked to some lower level gvmt leaders, the corps of Engineers, towns, counties, districts, and states and found places where a bit of cash would turn DIRECTLY to "shovel ready jobs"

HOWEVER, I digress...  Michael Steele, the former chair of the RNC said on Bill Mahers show that "No one is making  the necessary investments in these cities, No One is making the types of investments that are going to be necessary to have that  money get back into the flow of the economy so that those black owned, women owned, minority owned, (( and i say ANYONE owned)) businesses in Detroit, in Baltimore, and elsewhere in the country  can begin to invest in those jobs, EXPAND their oportunities,   and CREATE a Marketplace.  Everyone has sort of abandoned it..."

I personally think that there is a BIG problem with our economy... and that can be simplified into the fact that about 40% of our GDP is in the financial sector and WHAT does wall street ACTUALLY produce???  mostly it is just a bunch of people just shuffling chits around and somehow, MAGICALLY producing money.  without actuatly creating Wealth or economic Health...WHERE is our middle class?  Where is our long term worker that created a safe and secure future for himself?  

frankly, OUR COUNTRY has sold out the worker, the middle class in favor of Gorden Gekko.

I watch a lot of movies, and just recently i watched "gung Ho" with Michael Keaton...and it was a REALLY positive movie, about american know how, and american determination... and that is the LAST "pro union" movie i can remember... now we have "horrible bosses"

This Country needs an Enema

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