Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cutting Gvmt spending.... the peoples voice ( Work in progress)

I have been watching last weeks "real Time" and Mr Maher had a GREAT segment where he had a camara person go back to NJ in the wake of sandy,a nd ask those "cut gvmt" conservatives "what should we cut...?"
and they couldnt give ONE thing that should be cut....

hell, i am a LIB and i can give you a bunch of places to cut GVMT spending... Firstly (and yes, this is kinda a passion of mine) CHANGE THE DEFENSE DEVELOPMENT CONTRACTS.

currently, DARPA signs contracts with companies that make it MORE expensive, on a year to year basis, to CANCEL a project than it does to keep it going forward.  lets look at the Osprey V-22 project.

ok, first of all, I LOVE the original goals of this program.
The IDEA was to create a VTOL platform that could get to the 'hot zone' significantly faster than the huey or the blackhawk.  and carry MORE troopers, with BETTER on sight heavy weapons support.

as for the v-22, almost EVERY time that the project got in front of the pentagon, it just got got a pass, and the "requirements" (from the pentagon) got limited....because the companies said "well, we can do this, but not that"

well, i am a WWII fan... and there was A LOT of cross company sharing... for THE COUNTRYS GOOD

the newest Osprey has NO FORWARD GUN.... therefore while our next gen  troop transport approaches the LZ, it is DEFENSELESS....  because the Osprey developers COULD NOT just plug in an APACHE forward gun control system

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