Tuesday, April 2, 2013

About the Think Tank, Welcome

Greetings and Salutations, Friends, Neighbors, and Countrymen (and Women)

As this is my first Blog, I will begin with an introduction.  I am a 36yr old, married father of 2.  All my life i have been a political and social observer.  I have traveled the country, camping with my parents throughout most of the country, seeing beautiful places and meeting interesting people, watching, listening, and above all learning.  I am a Man of wide and varied interests, from science (both 'hard' and 'soft') to history, literature, theatre, movies, books (probably my main passion... RIF).  I have some college and trade education (not enough in my opinion) and have continued my education through books and this wonderful thing we call the internet.

The Main Purpose of this blog is as a commentary on the current state of politics in this country.
I believe, as do many of my fellow Americans, that this country has many problems, and is approaching a tipping point.  Unfortunately, the politics of this country do not seem to be addressing some of the fundamental problems with our Government or society.  Rather, the Duocracy that rules in Washington applies mere bandaids and  kicks the ball down the field.  The downside of this policy, which has been the status quo for at least my life, if not much of my Parents lives.

to quote a bumper sticker, "politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reason"

or to more correctly sum up my thoughts (and misquote Nicholson's Joker) "This Country needs an Enema

Therefore, while i comment on the topics of the day, many of my thoughts and posts are going to concentrate on the question

What can We do Different to correct the problems we are faced with?

To that end, I have been thinking, reading and learning, starting with a "thought exercise" from my HS years.  How would I write the constitution?  This idea was further influenced by Robert Heinlein's Posthumously  published utopia, titled "For Us, The Living" where he posited a second american constitutional convention whose constitution was voted as an amendment to the original  instantly supplanting and overriding the First constitution, WITHOUT violent revolution.  In fact, this constitution was the single platform of a third party candidate for president in a time of strife, civil unrest, corruption,  polarity, and Depression.
kinda like we have been living in for the past dozen years+

So, i will intermittently be presenting ideas for how to radically change the government, and society, from the ground up, from the top down, and everywhere in between.

For the most part, i concentrate on (in no specific order) healthcare, economic strength/health, (which is different than just growing the GDP) Military (which, while i support, i also think is almost FUBAR.... especially DARPA and acquisitions) political parties, education, welfare...

wait, that is about the whole government...

as a last note, few of my ideas are actually MY ideas. Many, if not most of my ideas and thoughts have been gleaned, harvested and stolen from other thinkers, Ranging from experts like Gen. T. Zinni and R. Smith, Martin Gross, H. Lakoff, to "gifted laymen" (and mostly Speculative fiction writers" like Michael Z Williamson, Robert Heinlein, KS Robinson, T Kratman, LE Modessett, Jr etc.

My gift, talent and particular genius is in synthesis... taking ideas from disparate parts and places, and molding them into a cohesive whole.  I will never (or rarely) claim to have the 'perfect' answer... and i am ALWAYS open to good arguments opposing me.  LOGICAL arguments to be precise.  Additionally, presented with a well thought out logical argument, i have been known to change my mind, or at least modify it.  do not be suprised if one post contradicts in some way an earlier one.  this is LIFE... nothing is the same and we all grow through our individual lives.  our experiences inform our future statements and thoughts.

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