Sunday, June 1, 2014

my ideas about a "well regulated militia" today

This is the follow-up to my previous post, and in many ways the meaning behind it.

Same scenario, however open carry laws require participation with,and training by local police and perhaps even the national guard.civilian militia, police auxiliary, whatever name you would like to give it, they would be trained and experienced in working with law enforcement.  (For those of us who also believe that armed civilians exist to protect against government overreach, knowing the governments playbook is a vital resource.)

9:30 PNG starts his spree...
9:35 having rehearsed this, AC 1-4 (the closest) go into action...1+2 guard the doorway to the hall, while 3 activates the "building wide" militia channel, and 4 calls the police.  Every Armed Citizen in the building knows that the PNJ is on the 12th floor

9:40 ACs on other floors are guarding stairwells and elevators.  Lower floors are being evaluated...and"extra" ACs are carefully moving to the 12th floor... meanwhile, AC 3 and 4 have begun sweeping their floor and have found the first victim, first aid is applied and the path of PNJ has been reported to the rest of the militia and police.

Since drills have been done, and the ACs are all on the same page, working as a unit, and not individuals people are evaluated in an orderly fashion, quickly and safely.

10:05 by the time SWAT arrives and is ready to move, they already have a good working knowledge of the situation, and have better situational awareness, with PNJ cooped up in one corner of the building,with minimal hostages....the ACs have set up choke points to deny PNJ movement, and are ready to assist SWAT in their jobs...

Isn't that a better scenario than the first one???  I recognize that sometimes I can come off as "anti guns" , however that is far from the truth.  I want to own them, ..I greatly enjoyed the shooting sports as a child (it was probably the biggest reason I stuck with scouting for as long as I did)... I even believe that citizens should be allowed to own full auto weapons...IF they have been trained in their use, and those citizens have PROVEN to be responsible, reliable, and dedicated.

Sorry, I don't want to live in Deadwood, or Tombstone...both cities that ultimately banned guns within city limits...

I think citizens, involved with a shooting should have to jump through just as many hoops to get their 'carry privileges' back as an officer does...and I think that they should have to go through just as much training as officers do to obtain that privilege in the first place...

And I think that it should be legal to carry brass knuckles, a long knife, a 'tire thumper', rapier, etc.... guns, ok... but my knife, used for work gets confiscated.... THAT'S some frelled up logic.

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