Tuesday, May 20, 2014

on Economics

Until such time as the wealth and benefits of our increased GDP, and productivity begin to trickle down to the people who actually CREATED it, the laborers,workers,inventors, Than we will continue to need and require a method to redistribute that wealth, so it can cycle through the economy again, and continue providing the benefits of a growing economy.

I wrote that a while back, in response to a radical libertarian... and it's still true...trickle down economics,while it has SOME reasonable ideas, fundamentally forgets that wealth naturally trickles UP at every stage, as profits are taken out of every transaction.

It is a mark of a healthy and strong economy where those profits are shared by many people, at many levels of the economic ladder... like the American economy of the 1950s.  When we had local chain stores...Filenes, 2guys,pharmhouse,etc...Where the profits were made closer to the local population, and spent in many other local companies... Where the owners knew their employees (and families,and problems...and thus paid them better...

MegaCorps, huge conglomerates... the massive corporate entities that we see today,can only view workers as faceless (and thus replaceable)cogs in the machine, mere numbers in a ledger... which weakens our economy, and diminishes all of us as Human beings.

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